Food glorious food

Food Glorious Food - Baptistcare Residential Care

Food glorious food

Delicious food and meals in our residential aged care facilities

At Baptistcare, it’s not just the food experts who decide what’s on the menu, our residents have a say too, and are often asked to provide their input and feedback on meals.

In the past, ‘nursing home food’ meant boring, bland and unappetising food that ultimately did little to nourish older people.

When you live in a Baptistcare residential aged care facility, your daily meals are not just nutritionist-approved, chef-designed and tailored to your specific dietary requirements, but food you need and deserve, to thrive.

Chef Brett is very kind. He takes time to speak to the residents and the food is presented well. And he is smartly dressed. Well done.

Joan, Baptistcare David Buttfield Centre resident

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