Because there’s no place like home

For Betty Attwell, being able to stay independent in her own home is very important. Betty has been a Baptistcare At Home Services customer for many years since she started receiving assistance at home after a hospital stay a number of years ago.

Betty receives daily personal care and a support worker comes twice a day to help her with showering and dressing. Her son Gary explained the services make a huge difference to their lifestyle and provide them with the support his mother has needed to live at home.

“Mum’s a high level home care package and a high fall risk. I’d be lost without them and that’s the truth. They help us 365 days a year,” Gary said.

He and his mother are both very satisfied with the assistance they receive.

“We would never change providers and we wouldn’t use anyone else,” they confirmed.

“We’ve been happy with the quality of service since the very start. The carers and scheduling, they’ve got that all to a tee,” explained Gary.

Deb Patterson, General Manager At Home Services highlighted that it is important customers receive individualised services, specific to their needs.

“Our customers can choose from a wide range of support services depending on their particular wellbeing needs and goals – including nursing care, personal care, assistance around the home and services which enable customers to stay active and connected to the community,” she said.

“The options are endless and flexible. As your circumstances change, we’ll ensure your plan adapts to meet your needs.”

For more information about Baptistcare At Home Services, please visit or 1300 660 640.