Helping employees achieve their career goals

Larissa is an Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) Officer at Baptistcare Yallambee Residential Care in Mundaring. With the support of her manager and the team at Baptistcare Yallambee she has been offered flexible working hours so she can go back to university and gain her qualification as a registered nurse.

“Baptistcare have been good. My hours are still the same but I’ve been able to shuffle them around to fit my schedule at university,” said Larissa.

It was a tough decision for Larissa to go back to university. She has a young family and has been working part-time. With the extra hours at university she will now work full-time.

“My manager has been fully behind me on my decision. With a young family, it may not be easy for me to always come into work. He has offered me a laptop so that I can work from home if and when I need to. As long as I hit my contracted hours, I’m fine.”

James Townley, Facility Manager at Baptistcare Yallambee thinks flexible working hours for staff are very important:

“If we aren’t flexible, we can lose motivated and ambitious staff who want to better themselves. I encourage the team to be proactive in the training they want to do. It’s a good investment for Baptistcare to invest in staff who have aspirations and leadership qualities.”

At Baptistcare we place a great emphasis on people – both the people we serve and the people we employ. Baptistcare employees enjoy more than just a job. They can access training to improve their skills, have opportunities to advance in their careers, receive support when things get tough and access benefits to enjoy both at work and at home. We want all our employees to have the job they love.

Our People and Culture Team is here to help answer your enquiries about your career options at Baptistcare. Please call 9282 8610 or visit