Delicious dishes captured on camera

Annie Slater has a passion for cooking and enjoys making a variety of delicious dishes for her fellow residents at Lyneham House, Baptistcare’s Community Living support service in Bassendean.

The service enables individuals with a disability to live independent and active lives by working closely with support staff to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Recently, with the use of a digital camera, Annie started creating a photo cookbook of her own, featuring all of her favourite recipes. Previously Annie has had to rely on support staff to help her read from a cookbook and follow recipes. Now she is busy compiling her most-loved recipes from a variety of books, photographing each stage of the cooking process so that she can simply follow the steps by looking at the images.

Using the photo cookbook, she can now cook independently with minimal assistance from support staff. Annie enjoys choosing her own meals and preparing vegetables. She has many fond memories of cooking with her mother, who taught her how to cook.

“I love everything about cooking – and I also like seeing my own picture in the book!” Annie revealed.

“My favourite dishes to make are a good old fashioned roast and potato-topped pie.”

Tina Wynne, Baptistcare Support Worker, explained the idea for the cookbook came from Annie’s wish to be more independent in the kitchen. It was discussed at her lifestyle planning meeting with Baptistcare staff, where together they worked out the best way to make it happen.

“It has been so delightful to see Annie’s confidence and creativity blossom as she takes control of her meal preparation, allowing her to entertain and host her housemates in the process,” said Tina.

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