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Baptistcare CEO - Russell Bricknell

In this edition of Baptistcare News, you can read about how making the move to Baptistcare Riverside Village has benefited a group of close friends. You can also find out about various wellbeing initiatives we are undertaking throughout our residential care facilities including the use of a therapeutic robotic seal and animal therapy in the form of a Clydesdale horse.

We share with you two heart-warming stories showing the positive impact volunteers make to the lives of our residents and customers, and provide information on a new iPad app designed to enhance social interactions between people with dementia and their visitors.

We hope you will enjoy reading about dementia activist Kate Swaffer who shared her powerful, personal story with our audience and encouraged us all to consider how we,  as a society, can better support  and empower people living with dementia.

Happy reading.

Russell Bricknell
Chief Executive Officer

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Mia’s rainbow connection

When 5-year-old Mia Rodriguez heard Baptistcare Gracehaven Residential Care in Rockingham could no longer have visitors due to COVID-19 protection measures, her heart went out to the residents.

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