Baptistcare Bethel resident looks at photos from Albany Historical Society

Residents living at Baptistcare Bethel Residential Care in Albany took a trip back in time recently, thanks to a collection of photos provided by the Albany Historical Society.

A digital slide show of Albany in the 1960s and ’70s sparked many a happy memory as residents watched the special picture presentation on a big-screen television.

Catherine Lochhead, Lifestyle Coordinator at Baptistcare Bethel, said the response to the photos had been amazing.

“Residents quickly picked up on certain photos and memories, recalling their time living in Albany that really meant something to them,” Ms Lochhead said.

“We often paused the slide show so residents could tell their stories about their early days. It was wonderful to hear them talk about their lives and be so clear about what they went through.

“When residents start remembering things about their early childhood, or days with mum or dad, it makes them happy. They feel a sense of still belonging in the community when they remember.”

The photos of Albany over the years prompted residents to tell stories of driving cattle and sheep through town in the years before the main streets, and how far they had travel by horse and cart to the old cemetery, now in the centre of town.

Ms Lochhead said the images not only helped bring residents together but there was also a lovely sense of accomplishment that they had remembered early parts of their life.

“Whether they are living with dementia or not, they were on the same page, talking about their life in Albany, their families, what their mum and dads did. It sparked conversation about the war and sometimes how hard it was in the early days,” Ms Lochhead said.

Andrew Eyden, CEO of Albany Historical Society, said the society was delighted the special photo collection had given the residents so much joy.

“Our aim at Albany Historical Society is to preserve the town’s history and it has been a pleasure to share some of the town’s precious memories and iconic images with Baptistcare Bethel,” Mr Eyden said.

Photos below supplied by Albany Historical Society

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