Surprise reunion brings Megan joy

Baptistcare Community Living Iveson in Bassendean is home for seven residents living with disability. Recently they held their annual summer afternoon tea where every resident hosted a visitor. One resident in particular had the surprise of her life.

Megan Smith’s life-long childhood friend Lill lives in Two Rocks. They often phone one another, trying to catch up whenever they can but this has become less frequent over the years with Lill now in her 80s.

Staff from Baptistcare Community Living Iveson took the initiative and invited Lill to an afternoon tea, offering to arrange transport to make the face-to-face reunion possible. Lill was very excited and accepted immediately. The reunion would be kept as a surprise for Megan.

When Lill walked in the house, Megan spotted her and she couldn’t help but shout out a welcome.

“Lill, oh Lill, my dear friend.”

There were lots of shouts, hugs, kisses and joy. With tears in her eyes, Megan cheekily chided the staff and guests for their sneaky actions.

“I love you my good friend Lill and I’m so happy you are here. Thank you.”

Carina Rossi, Baptistcare Service Facilitator said it is important for residents to keep in touch with their close friends and family.

“We like to encourage contact as much as possible and will go out of our way to organise it whenever and however we can.”