Lifelong dream fulfilled

Joyce Clarke, a 91 year old resident at Baptistcare Graceford Residential Care facility in Byford has satisfied a lifelong dream to meet an astronaut, having always been fascinated with space.

At just 12 years old, she believed we would go to the moon in her lifetime – a very unique and unlikely prospect in the 1930s.

Occupational Therapist Faye Donnan knew of this dream and when she heard that an astronaut on the shortlist for the Mars One flight, Dianne McGrath, was visiting Perth, she organised a very special and historic meeting.

Faye emphasised the importance of making it possible for residents to realise their dreams.

“When we learn of their wishes and it’s achievable, we will try our hardest to make it come true – the gift of happiness is so important,” she said.

Sadly Joyce passed just shortly after she met Dianne.

“We are all so sad that Joyce has gone, but we are so happy we were able to fulfil this incredible lady’s dream while she was with us,” said Faye.