It’s knit one, purl two for winter lambs | Baptistcare WA

If you think it’s been a chilly winter, spare a thought for the many tiny lambs which are born during the coldest months of the year and then find themselves orphaned.

Coming into the world without their thick and fluffy signature coats, and without the natural body warmth from their mother, these winter lambs need help to survive those first frosty days and freezing nights on the farm.

Enter a group of passionate knitters at Baptistcare William Carey Court Residential Care in Busselton who for the last year have been dedicating their Mondays to creating colourful jackets for newborn lambs in the South West.

Using an array of wool donated by family and friends, the group of seven dedicated ladies can be found each week clicking away with their knitting needles creating the specially designed jackets which keep the lambs toasty until they grow their own coats.

The talented senior knitters have also been making beanies and scarves to sell and using the proceeds to purchase the fluffiest, softest wool they can find for the tiny jackets.

The lamb jackets have been so successful the Baptistcare William Carey Court knitters have expanded their creations to jumpers for small dogs and pouches for orphaned baby kangaroos and possums who are rescued by local wildlife volunteers.

Baptistcare William Carey Court Lifestyle Coordinator, Ros McDonald, said the knitting is not only an enjoyable, social activity for the residents, but assists with cognitive ability and brings them a lot of joy.

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