Glynis makes Fridays even sweeter at Baptistcare Graceford

Is there anything better than hearing the ice cream truck driving up your street? Thanks to our dedicated volunteer Glynis Van Leeuwen, we’re able to replicate this experience for our residents living at Baptistcare Graceford Residential Care.

Every Friday afternoon, Glynis takes her ice cream cart for a spin, ringing the bell and personally delivering ice cream cones to our residents and their visitors.

Glynis says that volunteering at Baptistcare Graceford has been a fulfilling experience for her.

“I receive far more from the beautiful residents than I give. It is truly rewarding and a wonderful way to start my weekend. Volunteering is the best,” she said.

For more information about volunteering with us, please follow the link below or
contact us on 1300 660 640.

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