Generations bridge the gap with song and dance

Generations bridge the gap with song and dance

Baptistcare Dryandra Residential Care in Kellerberrin is giving young children, community members and seniors in their care the chance to come together to dance, sing and make friends.

Young children between the ages of one and five from the local playgroup, the community and the children of staff members are invited regularly to sing, dance and do simple craft activities together, offering all generations the opportunity to benefit from the social interaction.

Ultimately, intergenerational interaction unites generations, strengthens communities and improves the quality of life for people of all ages.

For children who do not have grandparents living nearby, it is an opportunity to interact and make friends with members of the older generation.

Baptistcare Dryandra’s Lifestyle Coordinator, Shizuka Yokoi said it is important for residents in aged care to play their fundamental roles as family members and the memories attached to those roles are stimulated when they see and interact with children.

“We are always keen to enable our people to pursue their personal goals and passions, and live life to the full.”

“Keeping our residents engaged in meaningful activities has physical, emotional and social benefits, and by connecting them with the community, our residents can improve their general wellbeing.”

“We see residents come out of their rooms to listen to the music and watch the children play and dance. It makes everybody smile,” she said.

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