Terry’s newfound freedom

Terry, a resident at Bassendean Community Living Ivanhoe, has discovered a newfound sense of freedom thanks to his special custom-made bicycle.

Cycling assists with Terry’s mobility as it is a low impact activity which causes less strain on his legs than walking. With walking as his previous main means of transport, it could often take a long time for Terry to get to places to due to limitations with his mobility.

Terry says he feels more independent and enjoys the freedom of having a bike as a means of transport to go to the shops and other places:

“It’s been good and made a big difference. I catch buses here and there but I feel different with the bike. I have more flexibility with my own transport. I can do what I like, when I like. I feel free and happy, like I’m myself – like I’m Terry!”

Terry decided to get a bicycle after being inspired by his housemate, Greg, who goes cycling each morning. Everything came together when Carol Burtenshaw, Terry’s Key Worker, approached Technology Assisting Disability Western Australia (TADWA) to design and manufacture a bike that met Terry’s mobility needs, and Terry successfully applied for a community grant from Bendigo Bank to cover the cost of the bike.

The thing Terry enjoys most about cycling is the exercise – he feels better about himself and more confident. “Riding my bike is good fun; it relieves all your energy,” Terry said.

Cycling is also a fun way for Terry to get outdoors and stay active. He has also gone cycling with housemate Greg, which has been a great opportunity for them to socialise.

Carol says regular bike rides help Terry to maintain good physical wellbeing and mental health:

“It improves Terry’s physical activity and his self-esteem. Terry’s more confident on the road now, so it has improved his confidence levels.”

Terry says he’s looking forward to riding out further, exploring other areas around his local neighbourhood, including visiting family and friends, and going to the hairdresser.

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