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A day in the life of a Home Care Partner

A day in the life of a Support Worker - Baptistcare Careers

Becoming a Home Care Partner, you have the opportunity to work independently and are entrusted with many responsibilities in which to meet the needs of our customers.

Each day is different, where you have the opportunity to support various customers in one day. No one day is the same, however, this is what a 'typical day' could look like.

Morning starts

As a Home Care Partner, your day might start early in the morning where you are visiting a customer's home to assist them with their morning activities. These activities may include providing assistance with a bath or shower or supporting them with their medication to assist them with starting the day fresh and ready.

You will work closely with your customer actively listening to them to understand their needs, learning what they enjoy and what their likes and dislikes are. You may help them cook their breakfast or do some basic housework, even something as simple as washing the dishes or helping them make their bed can make a huge difference to our customer's day.

"I have found the Baptistcare Home Care Partners very helpful. I am fortunate in that the lady who comes on Thursdays and Fridays is the same lady, so I have formed a nice bond with her."

Baptistcare Home Care customer

Mid-morning is here and you’re heading off to support another customer

You might then be ready to head off to help another customer to do some shopping at the local supermarket. Heading back to the customers home it might be time to help them prepare lunch because a nutritious, well-balanced diet - along with some physical activity - is the foundation of good health.

Afternoon activities

During the afternoon, you may help your customer go for a short walk in the local area or it could be something as simple as having a cup of tea and sharing company playing a game of cards - at Baptistcare we believe developing positive and supportive relationships helps support our vision of a meaningful life.  Lots of our customers have a variety of interests so on any given day I could be taking a customer out to a social event or activity.  Home Care support looks different for different people and at Baptistcare, we make a point of finding out what matters to each of our customers and prioritising this in our care for them.

Before the day ends - you’re seeing your final customers for the day

You’re off to see your final customer for the day to help them cook their dinner. You might also help them get prepared for the evening by reminding them to take their medication or assisting them with a nice warm bath.

It’s now home time for you. It’s been a long but rewarding day and now it’s time to think about your own self-care. What will you do when you get home?

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