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Shared Management with Baptistcare

At Baptistcare, we believe Shared Management is one of the best ways people with disabilities and their families can achieve greater control of their services and direct their own supports.

What is Shared Management?

Shared Management is a partnership between you and your support organisation. You can choose which responsibilities you would like to lead through discussing them with us. There are two options available depending on your ability and wishes – Shared Management by Acquittal (SMA) and Shared Management by Payroll (SMP).

If you have any questions or would like more information please complete the enquiry form or contact your Baptistcare Service Facilitator.

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Shared Management by Acquittal (SMA)

When arranging and/or accessing support, you can choose to employ your own support staff and pay them yourself through the Shared Management by Acquittal (SMA) option. With this option, funds are released to you from Baptistcare and you track and provide us with financial reports, in line with your Support Plan.

Choosing SMA allows you greater flexibility with your funding by taking on the responsibilities of being an employer.

Shared Management by Payroll (SMP)

When arranging and/or accessing supports, you can choose to employ your own support staff and arrange for Baptistcare to pay their wages as instructed by you through the Shared Management by Payroll (SMP) option. In this arrangement, Baptistcare is your payroll/admin team.

Choosing SMP provides you with great flexibility and choice in the use of your funding, while receiving the level of support you want from Baptistcare to manage your employee/s. To effectively share the management of your funding, there are a number of responsibilities you will take on.

This means you or your family member with disability can have a greater say, make more decisions and have more choice in how, when and who supports you or your family member.

Our skilled staff offer you the opportunity to design and manage your services in a way that best works for you.

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