Visiting us

Baptistcare, Our Offices

Visiting us

Guidelines for visitors

Welcome to Baptistcare. Our number one priority is to protect the health and wellbeing of our residents, team members and anyone visiting this facility.

Please help us by ensuring you are always:

  • acting in line with Baptistcare’s Mission, Vision and Values
  • following visitor booking procedures, sign-in procedures, temperature checks and infection control practices
  • responding honestly to screening questionnaires about COVID-19 risk factors
  • not visiting when sick
  • remaining respectful to all residents, our team members and other visitors
  • respecting the privacy of all residents
  • complying with all lawful requests from our team members
  • not smoking on the premises
  • respecting the rights of our team members to work in a safe environment, free from harassment or intimidation
  • not photographing or filming our team members or residents (non-family members), or posting about them on social media without the prior approval of the Manager Residential Care or Clinical Manager
  • raising any concerns to the Registered Nurse in Charge.

We will not allow threatening or violent behaviour, abusive language, bullying or any other inappropriate behaviour. Any individual who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to enter.

Our team is here to help. Thank you for your support.