Service is not just about providing a bed and good quality care. It’s about looking at the whole person: body, soul and spirit.


Every human has a need for meaning; for purpose; for belonging; to be hopeful. Everyone has a sense of union with that which transcends us. Consequently, every person lives some type of spirituality. At the core of the role of chaplaincy, chaplains are meaning makers.

Every person has basic human needs:

  • to love
  • to be loved
  • to find meaning in what is happening in life events (especially in times of crisis)
  • to have reasons to hope/cope
  • to be significant to someone, and/or
  • for recognition of something they have accomplished.

Spirituality is the lens through which people interpret their universe. It is the basis for how they understand themselves; their multi-dimensional needs; the manner in which they relate to other people and that which they perceive as transcending themselves. This spirituality might, or might not, be expressed in Christian or other religious terminology.

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