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Our Purpose

Baptistcare’s vision is for people to see change in their lives. We long to see people’s lives enriched. We see the potential for transformation from hopelessness to hope, from fear to confidence, from loneliness to community and from sadness to joy.

Our Vision applies as much to our staff, volunteers and supporters, as it does to those we serve, so our goal is to work together to achieve this goal.

Our Vision

To transform and enrich lives.

Our Mission

Reaching out with the love of Jesus we work with individuals, families and communities to achieve their spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Our Values

In fulfilling our Mission we are person-centred and embrace:

  • Dignity and compassion in our relationships
  • Integrity and respect in personal and organisational behaviour
  • Courage and justice in our actions
  • Stewardship of the responsibilities in our care
  • Accountability for our performance
2012 - Inaugural Baptistcare Awards

2012 – Baptistcare celebrates its 40th anniversary with the launch of the inaugural Baptistcare Recognition Awards, which celebrates staff who have contributed towards the values of Baptistcare.