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The Tree of Life

Now is the time to position ourselves for the years ahead and to build consistency around what we as an organisation stand for.

The ‘Tree of Life’ is a universal symbol, with numerous cultural and religious beliefs each having their own rationale and explanation. For Baptistcare, it portrays a community of people – their beliefs, experiences and relationships. While the ‘roots’ represent the Christian beliefs with which Baptistcare was founded, the ‘trunk’ depicts the longevity of the organisation and the experience it has gained along its journey. The ‘branches’ represent the community of diverse people who are all part of the Baptistcare family.

Baptistcare's Tree Of Life


These symbolise the Baptistcare ‘community’ – the people we interact with on a daily basis (our personnel, clients, service partners and those from within our local community).


This symbolises the growth of the organisation over the 40 years it has been established.
It symbolises longevity and endurance despite rapidly changing times and the demands of modern society.


These symbolise the Christian beliefs that are Baptistcare’s foundation – the ethos from which it has sprung. The intention has always been to reach out with the love of Jesus. Despite rapidly changing times, these beliefs are at the core of Baptistcare while at the same time being open and respectful to people’s different cultural and religious backgrounds.


This symbolises the flexibility (freedom) of the customer experience, central to the newly-introduced ‘Consumer Directed Care’. This shape is housed within the tree, depicting the support Baptistcare provides to the consumer.

Because we care

We are one of WA’s largest providers of residential aged care, retirement living and home care services, providing the highest level of quality care and support across metro and regional areas for more than 50 years.

Our Christian values are at the heart of everything we do. We value every person we care for and every colleague we work alongside. And in realising these shared values, we validate our brand promise that everything we do, we do ‘Because we care’ – and that’s what brings our purpose to life.

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