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Baptist Care Australia

A voice for hope

Baptist Care Australia (BCA) is the national peak body representing Baptist community service agencies across Australia. We promote and enhance the work of our members. We have a vision of a transformed society based on Christ’s values.

BCA members combined own more than 300 retirement villages, nursing homes and social housing accommodation units, providing homes to over 6000 older Australians.

Our purpose is to:

  • Give voice to those who are unable to advocate for themselves;
  • Propose innovative solutions to unmet social need through research;
  • Advocate for the role of the faith based, not-for-profit sector in society; and
  • Optimise the collective capabilities of our Member organizations.

The members of BCA have an annual turnover of over $0.5 billion, employ around 8,000 staff, and engage with over 2,000 volunteers annually. BCA members combined own more than 300 retirement villages, nursing homes and social housing accommodation units, providing homes to over 6000 older Australians.

BCA members are actively involved in the provision of residential care, retirement homes, and aged community care. We are also actively involved with disadvantaged young people, people with disabilities and other groups within our community who cannot advocate for themselves.


Although BCA had been around for about 20 years, in 2011-2012 the Board of BCA and its members took the decision to re-vitalise and strengthen its role as a peak body, which resulted in a new constitution, Vision, Mission and Values and a five year strategic plan. In 2012-2013 a Business Development Manager was appointed to set up the new organisation and put in place the governance structures and systems and in February 2014, the first Executive Director was appointed with a new office established in Canberra.

BCA represents the work of its members to Government and seeks to influence policy development. It works closely with other faith peaks to represent the broader Christian perspective in our civil society. It also works to build best service practice and systems of excellence around the country across the member organisations by sharing information, learning and innovation.

Baptist Care Australia and Civil Society

Baptist community service agencies play a pivotal role in ensuring that the needs of those less able to speak or act for themselves are met. We provide efficient and effective community services with a long term sustainable presence. We are a significant member of our civil society, contributing substantially to the economic, physical and spiritual wellbeing of our community.

As community benefit faith based agencies, BCA members provide effective and efficient services to those who most need it, at arms-length from government administrators and policy makers and at reduced risk to government.

This social and contractual compact between civil society and government enables us to provide services to a wide range of consumers and affirms our commitment to use any surplus funds directly on the provision of service to those unable to care for themselves or fund their care. This mission focus on people who struggle to live sustainably in our society is central to the vision of community benefit organisations. While these clients are of little or no economic interest to the private sector, community benefit organisations are committed to ensuring their contribution to society is seen and valued.

Because we care

We are one of WA’s largest providers of residential aged care, retirement living and home care services, providing the highest level of quality care and support across metro and regional areas for more than 50 years.

Our Christian values are at the heart of everything we do. We value every person we care for and every colleague we work alongside. And in realising these shared values, we validate our brand promise that everything we do, we do ‘Because we care’ – and that’s what brings our purpose to life.

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